Mingei World Arts is a retail store in downtown Decatur, Georgia.  We travel and buy directly from artisans, artisan cooperatives and other like-minded importers to bring you a variety of treasures including jewelry, textiles, furniture, folk art, fine craft, folk toys and other unique items from all over the world.

We began with a dream and a duffel bag during the fall of 1994, when one of our first partners headed to Indonesia on a pleasure trip lugging an extra bag which she soon filled with textiles, jewelry and assorted other wonders.  That December, we hosted a home sale and were bitten.  We repaid each of us our initial $500 investment and sent all the rest of the money off to a silversmith in Bali, asking for an assortment of jewelry.  A few weeks later, a small box arrived, and we hosted a second party for Valentine’s.  And so it went– 18 months later we were unloading 18 crates in front of one of our homes!  For the next several years, we hosted a few home sales a year, converting one of our homes to a store for the event.

When we outgrew home sales, we moved to a cool renovated warehouse where we kept limited hours, and then in November of 2003, we became full-out retail.

Please visit us at 427 Church Street, right across from the MARTA station in Decatur.

Hours:  Mondays- Thursdays, 10am-6pm; Friday and Saturday, 10am-7pm; and Sundays, 11am-6pm


Email us at mingei@mindspring.com.


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  1. February 7, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    I’m so glad to see you started a blog! I’ll make sure to keep up with it!

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